How to get here

Depending on where you want to go in North Sealand, there are different options, and you can actually travel by public transportation directly, or with one stop from Copenhagen Airport to most major cities at the destination.

If you wish, we can even help you in making the transport a part of the experience. In example, you can sail from Copenhagen to Helsingør (Elsinore), or experience the landscape while covering the same distance in a vintage train – you can even charter a helicopter, and land next to Kronborg Castle.

Below you find some useful links and information of the most commonly used means of transportation, and elsewhere on this site, you will find links to local coach and limousine operators, and you are of cause always welcome to contact us for special interest transportation 

To and from the airport

To and from Copenhagen Main Station


The small trains of The Danish Riviera


Copenhagen Card and DOT


Local busses and trains

Where to park your own coach 

Del denne side