Conditions for use of material from VisitNorthSealand Media Center

Onsdag, august 15, 2018

Terms of usage:

VisitNorthSealand Media Center offers photos and film clips, free of charge, as long as all of the below-stated conditions are upheld.

The material may only be used in connection with the promotion of the destination Royal North Sealand.

The photographer's name must always be credited on the material used (or in the colophon).

The photo material may only be cropped and adjusted with due regard to the photographer's copyright as laid down in section 3 of the Danish Copyright Act.

If the photo material includes depictions of works of art or other copyright-protected works, the written consent for the use of the photo material must be obtained from the artist or other copyright holders.

The photo material may not be used in an offensive way or in an offensive context. By way of example, it is considered offensive if a photo appears with products sold with a view of profit (i.a. posters, postcards, maps, games, key rings and the like).

Although the material is free to use we require that we are informed of any use of the images or clips, either before or upon publication.

Contact us: 

For questions or comments regarding photos, films, or the site in general, please contact: VisitNorthSealand, Clara Sune Buch, e-mail: csb@visitno...

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